• Priscilla Shirer ☆ Discerning the Voice of God

    Priscilla Shirer Discerning the voice of God----When you hear that "still small voice," are you certain it's the Holy Spirit? In this freshly updated guide featuring personal insights from Beth Moore, Max Lucado, Kay Arthur, and other trusted teachers, Shirer guides you through Scripture to heighten your spiritual senses so you can distinguish the voice of God from imposters' chatter. Includes discussion questions.

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  • TD Jakes ☆ Learning to Hear Gods Voice

    God wants to speak to you — but how do you know whether an idea you get in your mind is from him? Ask yourself these questions: Does it agree with the bible? Does it make me more like Christ? Does my church family confirm it? Is it consistent with how God shaped me? Does it concern my responsibility? It is convicting rather than condemning? Do I sense God's peace about it? Watch this message to learn more.

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  • TD Jakes ☆ Start deleting distractions, so you can focus!

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  • Joel Osteen ☆ Empty Out The Negative

    In this message, Joel will show you how your life is like a container that God created to be filled with joy, peace, confidence, creativity and much more! But if you allow worry in, it pushes out peace and all the good things God longs to deposit in you. Learn how to apply David’s prayer in Psalm 103:5 in your life—“God fills my life with good things. So that I stay young and strong.” Discover the condemnation and guilt tactics the enemy tries to launch at us and how to stay on the offense.

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Worship Photos & Videos

Welcome to the gallery of SFaN's. We are more than happy to showcase them.Explore the galleries below and I'm sure you'll see some interesting photographs that have been chosen to grace the pages of this website.

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Do You Know The Origin of SFaN?

SfaN was formed by young Christian students in Achimota Secondary School. These students felt the need to win souls for Christ even when they were still in their secondary cycle of education. They had the same zeal and vision to contribute their part to the kingdom of God and to make the effect of the cross known to the whole world even as they were reaching out to their colleagues and other students in other secondary schools all over the nations of Ghana.

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Patnership& Support

Appeal for support & patnership.

Our goal is to spread the light of salvation everywhere can and to all willing to accept Jesus as our Lord and personal saviour. But we can only do so much with the little we have and that's why we are coming to you for support, it's our hope that with your help we can make our goals real. The button below will lead you to details as to how to support us in our quest.

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